Homes We Have Sold




And nests we’ve helped feather!

Here is a sampling of homes in which we have represented the Seller or Buyer.

This is just a sampling and the list is not exhaustive- give us a call if you’d like to know or see more!

Just Sold WebJust Sold WebJustSold-MiethJust Sold-Websuplickijust-sold-webseo-fbFazio-Web Starling-Web Mathiesen-Web Everitt-Web Everitt-Wasco-WebJust Sold-Henry-Edgewood-WebJust Sold-Castle-Greenbrier-WebJust Sold-quiroz-Stimpson-WebJust Sold-Park-Cardinell-WebJust Sold-Kmiecik-Pinnacle-WebBaer Web


Just Sold-Web

Just Sold-Clark-Edgewood-Web Just Sold-Habermann-Burnside-Web

Just Sold-Aanderud-SW Cardinell-Web

Just Sold-Bardini-Palmbrook-Web Just Sold-Kenyon-159-Web Just Sold-Stone-Forestview-Web
Just Sold-Leibel-Rockybrook-Web
Just Sold-Bottomley-NE Glisan-Web
Just Sold-Fenato-Rigert Terr-Web
Just Sold-Kenyon-Edgewood-Web
Just Sold-Mathiesen-Edgewood-Web
Just Sold- Mathiesen-Web
Just Sold-Tosello-Web
Just Sold-Web
Just Sold-Price-Web
Sold-Rocks-NW Couch
Sold-Kakiuchi-NW Greyhawk
Sold-Kelsey-NW Edgewood
Just Sold Web
Sold-Chang-NW 175th Pl
Sold-Strack-SW Hewett
Sold-Clark Estate-NW Hazeltine
Sold-Chow-NW Rhodes-List
Just Sold-Web
Sold-Diane- Caruthers
Sold- Rocks-Thurman
Sold-Lee-SE 134th
Sold-Hindman-NW Devoto
Sold-Newport-SW 130th
Sold-Riley-NW Crossisng
Sold-Hindman-NW Hazeltine
Sold-Chow-NW Rhodes
Sold-Lee-Maple Hill
Sold-Plowman-NW 2nd
Sold-NW Oakhills-Springer
Sold-Jones-SE 47th
Sold-Hong-NW Athena
Sold-Clugston-NW Sylvania
Sold-Jacobs-SW 155th
Sold-Morita-NW Vetter